NFTHive on WAX
How can I buy NFTs on NFTHive?
First set up a wallet, using or follow the Guides by Anyobservation. Get some WAXP and login with your wallet. Then you're already good to go!
How can I get $WAXP?
You can buy WAXP on popular crypto exchanges like Binance, Huobi, Bittrex or! You can also trade $WAXP peer 2 peer using Services like Cryptolocally.
How can I sell my WAX NFTs?
Go to Inventory to list NFTs on the Market. WAX Marketplaces are linked, so you don't have to worry where to list. People will find your offer if it's reasonable. If you have Active Listings that are not selling, try canceling and relisting or use the Bulk Tools to adjust multiple prices and push listings back up.
How can I find which NFTs are missing in my collection?
You can either go to the Market and look for "Missing" Listings, and make sure that you specify your search to the collection and rarity you're interested in, or check if there are Sets available for your collection. Sets can be completed from the Set Builder. Some Sets will eventually give you rewards. Look out for that!
How can I find the best prices for WAX NFTs?
NFTHive helps you to filter for floor prices of each asset: Floor Prices. You can also flip the cards around and check the floor prices on the back.
How can I get notifications for new listings of an Asset?
If you are looking to buy an Asset that is currently not listed or too expensive, you can favorite any Asset by clicking the flag icon on top of the Card. If you chat with Hive-E on Telegram, tell them your wallet following the instructions under the /start command. After that, new notifications will be coming in.
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