NFTHive on WAX
1. Agreement
You understand that NFTHive is a third-party software that provides access to the smart contracts on the WAX Blockchain – and that items purchased through NFTHive are not sold directly by the company. They are instead sold by other users of the WAX Blockchain. Transactions, buy orders, selling items, bidding on auctions etc are all actions done through smart contracts, that are signed with the help of NFTHive but not on NFTHive. Instead NFTHive provides the interface only.
Information provided by NFTHive about listings, such as average prices, floor prices, number of sales are not binding. They are estimates based on calculations conducted by the NFTHive backend based on the data gathered to the best of our ability from the WAX Blockchain.
The smart contracts NFTHive interacts with, such as atomicmarket, atomicassets, simpleassets, simplemarket, wax.stash are not developed by the Company. The contracts developed and owned by NFTHive are nft.hive and waxbuyoffers.
Information about assets and collections displayed on NFTHive are not provided by NFTHive directly. They are taken from the blockchain and public APIs such as the Atomic API. Collections and collection creators alone are responsible for the content provide.
Verification of collections is not done by NFTHive. The verification process is also stored on the blockchain and conducted by other teams. It is taken from the atomhubtools contract and includes collections with the status “col.verify” and “col.wlist”. When you trust the NFTHive verification, you understand that it does not differentiate between whitelisted and verified.
2. The Service
NFTHive is a market interface offering users to connect with third-party wax blockchain wallets and interact with market contracts. NFTHive gathers data about sales and provides analytics based on that data. This is meant as a guide, but not guaranteed to be correct.
Furthermore NFTHive provides a sets of tools such as a set builder, offering users to complete selected collections. Those are based on our own estimates and are regularly updated. We do not guarantee that these sets are complete or entitle you to third-party giveaways or competitions.
3. Fees
Fees on NFTHive apply when selling assets through our service. Fees are determined by the blockchain contract and include a 2% network fee of the WAX Blockchain itself, a 2% market fee that is split by a taker and maker market, of which which NFTHive can be either one or both, and a 0% - 15% collection fee, that goes to the owning collection of the asset. Fees do not apply when you buy listings.
4. User accounts and privacy
User Accounts are created on the WAX Blockchain, either by using the WAX Cloud Wallet service or third-party wallets such as Anchor Wallet or Scatter. If you have access to a WAX account, you have access to NFTHive by logging in through your wallet.
You understand that all your transactions, purchases and sales are public record. However, NFTHive does not store any information about your person, other than your WAX Wallet address and public transaction history, and in case you chose to, your telegram chat ID when you are using our telegram Notification Service. Your telegram chat ID will be deleted when you unlink our Telegram Bot. We do not and are not able to gather information about your identity apart from that.
5. Security
You agree that your account security is your own responsibility. Make sure to log out when you are done with the service, which disconnects your wallet from NFTHive. You understand that if you are using the WAX Cloud Wallet and remain logged in to your account, a third party might access it and sign transactions on your behalf. Always make sure to be the only person that has access to your devices and log out from both NFTHive and more importantly WAX Cloud Wallet. Staying logged in on WCW may allow a third-party to reconned to NFTHive. NFTHive has no responsibility for how you use the WAX Cloud Wallet. You understand that sessions may remain active when you do not log out both services.
When you are using a desktop wallet and hot keys, the same rules will apply. Recommended security measures are to use hardware wallets such a Ledger keys, which requires you to sign transactions on a separate device.
NFTHive does not have access to your assets. Access to your assets is provided through your wallet. You are responsible to keep that access safe.
You acknowledge that when you transfer assets to a smart contracts you forfeit ownership. You may send assets to a smart contract when you create auctions, use “staking”, craft assets, play games, open packs, or create market listings. Please review the transactions carefully and make sure that the smart contracts you interact with have proper account security set up.

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